Famous handsome, fell in love with the simpleton


Not all famous handsome choose popular Actresses and supermodels. The heroes of our material prefer normal girls with a big and kind heart.

Keanu Reeves

The choice of this eternal bachelor has caused a public outcry and even a flurry of condemnation. Many netizens found Alexander Grant too simple for Keanu. Although there are those who have noticed that with the advent of the second half face always gloomy actor now smile.The artist for the past 10 years was friends with Keanu Reeves, playing an important role in his life. And in early November, the actor brought to Alexander on the red carpet and the whole evening, never let go of her hand. Such a turnaround did not expect even friends celebrities.When they met is unknown, but in 2008, their friendship was so strong that the artist was among those who Reeves showed their own poems. Joint business publishing made Reeves and Grant hold each other longer. In the spring they finally realized that I had outgrown the status of friends or partners and their relations have become love.

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas cage met Alice Kim in February 2004. The actor was vacationing in one of the restaurants in Los Angeles, where the girl worked as a waitress. The novel pairs were developed rapidly: already after two months, they got married on a ranch in Northern California. Marriage to Alice was the third for cage.At first, ruled in the family full idyll. However, in the spring of 2011 photos of the pair appeared on the front pages of the tabloids. Then Nicolas cage was detained by police for public brawls with Kim, but soon he was released on bail.In 2016, cage filed for divorce, accusing your spouse of infidelity. About the presence of rival actor said business partner. Nicolas became silent and immediately called Kim on a serious conversation. The girl confessed to the affair on the side, and then the lovers parted.

Matt Damon

The pair of Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso is considered to be one of the strongest in Hollywood. To find her Prince helped the girl work. Matt fell in love with the charming bartender that I saw in one of the institutions in Miami. The actor just went there to eat during the filming of the film with the symbolic name «Stuck on you».At that time, Barroso studied at the University of the designer and to feed her young daughter was forced to look for jobs. The girl told Damon that he loves his films, and won the heart of Hollywood handsome.Soon Matt bought a huge mansion in Miami, which was the family nest of the pair. Matt and Luciana married 9 Dec 2005, but the wedding has played only 7 years later. Now the couple has a daughter from Barroso’s first marriage and four children together.

John Travolta

If the previous ladies got acquainted with the star Prince by chance, then the next character came to this from the age of 16. Kelly first saw John in the poster of Grease and fell in love. After watching the film the young lady stated that will become the wife of any actor, but the surrounding did not take its intentions too seriously.Meet Travolta, Kelly Presley was able in 1987 during a screen test for a film «Expert». Actor young lady immediately liked, but after filming they never saw each other again. Next time fate brought John and Kelly in 1990, when they were in the same hotel, acting in different movies.Six months young people took to understand the feelings and become a couple. John did not pull with a proposal of marriage. The couple married 5 Sep 1991 in Paris of the Church of Scientology, however, the U.S. government recognized their marriage illegal. A happy family life Travolta and Presley began after the re-marriage ceremony in the framework of the legislation.

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is in a romantic relationship with cherry Seaborn for 4 years. Ed and cherry, former classmates, and together they graduated from high school named Thomas mills in Framlingham.Couple protects their relationship from prying eyes, so a high level conspiracy at the wedding, the British singer and his lady did not surprise anyone. News of a possible engagement of the pair appeared online only in early 2019, but no further details was not known.However, on the day of the release of the new album ed confirmed that he and cherry got married. Sheeran and Seaborn played a secret wedding in December 2018 at his home in Suffolk. The ceremony was attended by only the closest 40 friends and family members.

Tobey Maguire

In the case of Toby Maguire and Jennifer Meyer actor managed to pull his lucky ticket. Jennifer is the daughter of the head of Universal studios Ronald Meyer. They met during the filming, because many felt their romance official. The media then began talking about the fact that Toby is only with Jen for a career and great roles, and she’s just having fun with a cute guy.In April 2006, Maguire made a sweetheart offer, and in November the couple first child was born. Wedding ceremony of Toby and Jennifer was on September 3, 2007 in Hawaii in a narrow range. Two years later, the family happened replenishment: baby ruby Smithart appeared brother Otis Tobias.It seemed that the couple are in love and happy, but in 2016, Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer announced the divorce from the pages of star weekly People. The reasons for the separation, the couple decided not to extend.

Alec Baldwin

Before meeting with a Hollywood star Hilaria Thomas was an ordinary yoga instructor. She’s younger than Alec for 26 years, but we all know that the age difference is not a hindrance of love.In 2012, Thomas and Baldwin were married in new York just three months after the engagement. «Marriage is the opportunity to take responsibility for that which deserves it,» admitted Alec in an interview. The actor and his young bride exchanged rings in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and immediately shared the news in social networks.Hilaria very kind to the children of Alec from his first marriage. According to her, if the daughter of Baldwin island is not blessed this Union, the wedding would not have taken place. With the consent of the girl, Hilaria asked her to be bridesmaid.

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