If sinners burn in hell? (10 photos)


History changes the views of the world as much as the beauty of outfits. Our ancestors were scared of hell with devils and pans, our grandfathers were hammered into their heads «there is no God». Our children are taught the basics of Orthodox culture from the first grade school… But this does not prevent them to overeat sweets, swear and go on banned sites. And where did the idea of heaven and hell?

The intricacies of translation

The four Gospels were written in Aramaic, then translated into Greek and Latin and, of course, the subtleties of the text was lost in translation. The famous «Soon the camel pass through the eye of a needle than a rich rises the Kingdom of God» talked about a narrow gate in Jerusalem, not about the actual eye of a needle. And the lovely eve plucked a Apple and «fruit» and theologians are still arguing whether the pomegranate, the orange, or the fruit of the carob tree. The 21st century is preparing us a new translation and new interpretation of the sacred text.

«The Lord granted us eternal love, therefore nobody will get into some kind of hell. Not because there shouldn’t send the villains, but because the hand of the Lord will lift us from any hell» – said recently the Lutheran Bishop to the Roskilde Jaan Lindhard.

Theologians once again raised the question — is there a hell for real or for many centuries Christianity was the victim of a bug of an obscure translator from Aramaic?

Hells kitchen

In Judaism, heaven and hell described in some detail. There is an incredibly huge cave must be hell, with the pits full of flames, fiery lions, fiery furnaces and angel guards. The souls of the sinners they torture and torment seven times a day and three times a night. Those who will eventually repent, be cleansed and conscious of his sins, go to heaven and partake of bliss, let not such as sweet as fell to the lot of the true righteous. And the incurable sinners, murderers and the idolaters will be sentenced to «amputation of the soul» — after much torment, their souls would burn, and «fall to ashes» under the feet of the righteous.

The innovation of Christianity is that Jesus died on the cross atoned for all the sins of mankind, past and future. And every sinner, whatever he made has a chance for salvation, if you repent in perfect. Medieval scholars later deduced that in heaven waiting for the Second Coming and the Gentile, the righteous and the modern theologians has argued that there is a place for Pets – cats, dogs, horses…

In hell are those who do not have time to repent of sins, confession and communion – so at least to profess and to give communion to a dying Christian can any other Christian. Purgatory, as a place where souls are tormented for the sins, as the enlightened pagans and unbaptized children waiting for the last judgment – the invention of the Catholic Church.

Other world religions with hell in very different ways. Hindus believe that righteous purifies the soul and in the end it turns out the circle of rebirths, and the sinner is reborn in the «low» incarnation scavenger, a pig or even a plant. Muslims have hell – Jahannam the desert in which the rivers flow resin and pus, and burning winds blow; not one sinner, got there, never from hell will not be tormented forever. And Scandinavians in hell – the realm of the cruel Hel — includes all people, except the brave soldiers who died in battle.

All our grievous sins

The list of the seven deadly sins, i.e. offenses for which the sinner if he will not repent, straight to hell, known to all: Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Greed, and Despair. A practical embodiment of these sins and the severity of the penance imposed depend on a huge number of circumstances and subtleties, the priest often have to be the judge and psychoanalyst rolled into one.

In the middle ages was easier – there was the Canon of repentance: ate a piece of meat on Friday – so many days of fasting and prayer; cursed his neighbor for mother so much. Account of the smallest details – did the sinner meat one or in the noisy company, copulated with the wife’s sister by force, for love or just hug her in a dark corner.

Catholicism was widely practiced «in absentia» the remission of sins. So, a person who made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, or standing under the banner of the crusade received full Amnesty of all past sins and forgiveness in the future. The famous «indulgences» — remission of sins issued for cash – at the time led the Church into schism.

Wandering monks walked the streets and pubs, offering anyone who wants to buy heaven for yourself or deceased relatives. The whole indulgence – on-year, quarter – on-month, a piece cut off – for a couple of days is enough. And it happened, the robbers first humbly bought the Holy father’s redeeming a piece of paper, and then shamelessly robbed klutz. The case took a controversial turn, in 1567, Pope Pius 5 forbade any granting of indulgences involving any cash payments.

Damn you

One of the common superstitions of the middle ages — the idea that a particularly hardened sinners to hell dragged to hell alive. Numerous miniatures and novels vividly describe usurers, corrupt judges and expensive whores, behind which are the cattle judge.

Theologian the Venerable Bede saw the devil building the eyes in the monastery latrine. French Baron Korras were servants of the devil Ortona, similar to the skinny pig. Hundreds of demons, possessed nuns of the monastery of Ludena driven to suicide several abbots, unable to cope with the devil’s temptations. I would hope that hellish guests on the Ground do not go, but the Newspapers claim otherwise.

The exorcists of the Vatican succumb in the struggle with evil spirits, selawski not only in humans but also in homes and appliances. In 2004 at the University of the Vatican even opened a new course in exorcism. And Monsignor Angelo Mascheroni (Mascheroni, Angelo), chief exorcist of Milan, in a commentary for the British «The Independent» said that in the last 15 years the number of diocesan exorcists with a request for help has doubled.

The leaders of the Satanists of the 20th century Aleister Crowley and Jeane Mansfield stated that he personally talked with the Lord of Darkness.

Mike Tyson in an interview said many times that he had seen the devil in a drunken stupor. The people of new Jersey more than a hundred years tell you about the local boundaries with a horse’s head and the leathery wings of a dragon – he comes hardened sinners, abominable his appearance Recalling the Hellfire and urging to repent. And the boys of Costa Rica the devil appeared right during a poker game – poor kids to the end of days promised to take the cards…

I wonder if hell does not exist, then where are the devils, the visiting sinners on earth?

Begone, Satan!

Speaking of exorcism is hellishly difficult ritual. Contrary to many sci-Fi movies and TV shows, where the expulsion of the devil carries out anyone no matter how handy, a real priest would not mess with Satan. If you do not receive the appropriate blessings or not obsessed with the spirit of pride (which, as you remember a mortal sin).

In Russia such ceremonies with the blessing of Patriarch is allowed to conduct only in Sergiev Posad, in the Cathedral of Peter and Paul. The people of Ukraine should go to the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Referred to a course of exorcisms in the Vatican produces from 6 to 12 wrestlers with demons a year. And that’s all.

If the priest has not received the blessing, is taken for an exorcism, this leads to unnecessary suffering and sometimes death of the affected, often suffering from schizophrenia or other mental disease, and not associated with the devil.

So in 2005, the Romanian priest, Daniel Petru Corogeanu in the process of expulsion of demons killed his dushevnobolnyh parishioner. To save her from the machinations of Satan, exorcist girl chained to a cross for three days. When police arrived, the parishioner had already died. And in 2017, the pastor from Nicaragua Juan Romero with the same goal was burned alive 25летнюю girl.

No elders, grandmother, sorceress, shaman and Dean to conduct the rite of exorcism can’t. In the best case they turned evil, at worst — just crooks. And the usual parish priest is unlikely to be able to distinguish a mentally ill person from the possessed. If this assumption he’s suddenly there, before waving a censer, he shall apply to the diocese and receive a blessing on amchitka (to give them very rarely).

…If you are offered for a small fee to cast out devils from the machine, the coffee maker, or a Bank Deposit box, to report, from unrequited love to the vodka, beer and oily donuts, healing from obsession with grandmother’s prayers and sacred amulets — with a clear conscience send to hell homebrew besbaev!


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