8 traits that are considered negative in vain. They attract many


All the features of human nature, associated with the darker side of his personality, are being perceived negatively. Moreover, among them there are such traits that are traditionally considered negative, but in reality people find them very attractive.

We chert-poberi.ru don’t want to generalize and say that these qualities are sure all will be regarded positively. However, they really were not as bad as they are painted.

1. The walking Wikipedia that won’t shut up for a second

«Nobody likes a smartass» is a phrase everyone has heard at least once in your life. We used to think that we can’t continue to demonstrate their awareness of the things that others have no idea. However, as it turned out, many this feature seems quite attractive.

It’s nice when you can learn from a simple conversation. Any story will become more exciting if it are interesting facts that will help to pump your own level of erudition. Apparently, Sheldon Cooper of «Big Bang Theory» would be an ideal candidate for the role of counterpart to the knowledge-hungry companions.

2. Relaxed grammar-Nazi

8 черт характера, которые напрасно считаются негативными. Многих они притягивают

Grammar-Nazi is a person who is very kind to the literacy and willing to explain all the rules and regulations of the Russian language. With other people’s mistakes to put up ready and armed with dictionaries and reference books, rushes into battle with grammatical ignorant, hardly noticing the error on the horizon.

Of course, such behavior from others perceived hostility. No one likes aggressive comments during the conversation about errors of the production of the stress. Another thing is when you are with someone in a fiduciary relationship, and undisturbed tete-a-tete explain what in this case would be correct to say so, and not otherwise. It’s all love.

3. Sense of humor black square of Malevich

Black humor islike salt, is good only in small quantities. With jokes like that you should be careful, and better serve their portion. Besides, according to the study, their understanding requires a high intellectual level. You must be able to associate incongruous between concepts, while quickly switching between the key meanings.

Perhaps that is why lovers of this genre not so much. But they are there. Moreover, scientists in the same scientific work proved that, contrary to popular belief, the lovers desperately to make a joke not inclined to sadism and not have a high degree of aggressiveness.

4. Waterfall tears «tough guy»

8 черт характера, которые напрасно считаются негативными. Многих они притягивают

Display of emotions makes us alive, allows to open and show their inner «I». But for men it is considered taboo. «You’re the man!», «You must keep yourself in hand!», «Let’s get it together!» — and hundreds of rules that must be followed, otherwise: «You’re a wuss, or what?!» In fact, it’s not as bad as it seems at first glance.

Many women find the ability to Express emotions-positive as men. They love it when partners are honest and show their true feelings. When they are opened, and can even afford to cry a little. In this case, they will always support and understand.

5. Strange behavior in the spirit of Frankenstein

Strange actions and deeds do not repel, but rather attracted to its uniqueness and interest of others. I want to know this person better, to understand his thoughts and heart’s attitude.

Not always something absurd will cause revulsion in others. Someone finds something charming and noteworthy. For every oddity to find your lover.

6. Poignant statements on the verge of sarcasm

An excessive amount of sarcasm can lead the conversation at best stalled, at worst — to bring to the conflict. Everything is good in moderation, especially when it comes to such «hot» ingredient. Many couples say that they even like it when their partner expresses someone in the face with caustic remarks. Thus, he shows that he can stand up for themselves and protect their interests.

7. Memory like aquarium fish

People who constantly forget something, have a double stress. The fact that they have a bad memory, and it’s not happy, and others are often annoyed by the eternal «lost ones». Or not? It turns out that some find forgetfulness of their loved ones positive aspects.

Because in such cases they are happy to help find something or remember something important. And when the person next finally discovers the loss, we can rejoice with him. Also, do not forget that short memory can be one of the symptoms of attention deficit disorder, so you should treat this with understanding and tolerance.

8. Unifying hatred of someone or something

8 черт характера, которые напрасно считаются негативными. Многих они притягивают

It is unlikely that the hatred can be called a positive quality. And if you treat it as a separate unit, and then, perhaps, few people want to deal with it. But everything changes when two people unite in a common dislike of someone or something.

Probably, in such moments it is impossible to find a more United people all over the world. It’s not so bad. Of course, as long as it is not beyond the bounds of decency.

What are the negative traits you find attractive?

Illustrator Natalia Breeva specifically for chert-poberi.ru

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