Netizens shared the real life, the likelihood of which is usually zero


In the famous «Irony of fate» Zhenya Lukashin the error falls to Leningrad, where by chance he came in someone else’s apartment as a home, finds true love. Beautiful. It seems that such amazing coincidences happen only in movies. And here and there. Netizens shared their life stories that seemingly could not occur under any circumstances.

In preparing this compilation, we and then jumped up saying, «This can’t be!» We offer you to see the incredible stories that would not be so entertaining if not fantastic coincidence. And at the end of the article you will find a bonus story, which can even make wonderful Comedy.

When I was a kid, went with her parents to relatives in the big city. We went for a walk to the Central square, and there I first came across a machine with soft toys (you know, with a mechanical arm). I had a ₽ 5, I threw it and immediately pulled out a toy. After that, I went to my mom and asked for more ₽ 5… that day I fished from the machine 25 toys in a row. Over the next 17 years I couldn’t get a single one. © Human7 / Pikabu One clear Sunny day, even during College, I as a part-time work served the Banquet. The event was held outdoors, on a vast area without trees. By the end of the day, almost all the guests left and we cleaned up. I yawned, and some kind of bird, only in a radius of several kilometers, spit right in my mouth. And I had a brain aneurysm. Doctors gave 1 chance out of 25 000 that I will survive, but I’m still here and don’t stop looking for that damn bird. I keep a bottle of wine on that day, when I find her. So chirp chirp, feathered bastard. © Fumidor / Reddit Once I was sitting at the bus stop, figured out the crossword, quietly muttering under his breath questions and answers. And here the question about the hero of «Star wars,» I quite loudly said «Yoda». Sitting next to the man turned and very happily exclaimed: «Culla!» Turns out he’s a Finn. He thought I offered him a drink and he said, «Yes!» © NebesnyKot / Pikabu Living in a small Northern Ural town with a population of 80 000 people, within 2 years I could not see his former classmate. He is at work, I have things to do. And here in 2010 I went travelling around Europe in the group of tourists. Came to Paris for a week, go to museums, take pictures. Came from the Louvre, to stand at the glass pyramid, waiting for the others, and then… there’s this classmate out of the corner. See me as if nothing had happened like, «Oh, Hey, I’m a little busy, come in a couple of weeks at home will call you to meet?» And left. However, then we still managed to meet in the city. © Raduga88 / Pikabu

The Irishman ran into the plane of its Texas counterpart.

When I was a kid, we often went to a hockey game with the whole family. One of these days we were watching the game, and suddenly my father asked me if I wanted to eat hot pretzels. What a question, of course I do! I brought a bottle of sprite. On the way back we forgot what sector sat. In the end, we mixed up our sector (came in 16th instead of the 15th) and instead of having to climb stairs and get around it, we like those the most rude assholes began to squeeze through the ranks to get into our sector. I held the bottle by the neck, tightly pressing it to her stomach, to not take up much space, passing by people. Suddenly my bottle is gone. I look down and it shattered. It turned out that the washer that was in the game somehow flew through the protective glass and got to the podium. She was in my bottle. If not for the sprite, the puck hit me in the stomach. If we hadn’t messed up the sector, it would be in the girl’s face, before which I was standing. Then the coach called me over, gave me a goalie stick, signed it and congratulated me on the successful rescue. © Dakrys / Reddit once upon a time had a rest in Sevastopol, walking in the Chersonese. And receive SMS from a friend Grisha: «I’m in the Chersonese, near the bell. It’s cool, sorry you weren’t here». Well, I jokingly said, «Call me and I will come.» And immediately went to the bell, fortunately, was in the 100 meters. And up, hear the cry of David: «Victor!» Just wanted to answer, with the words «I’m here!» from the bushes came out the Victor, the neighbor Grisha at the old apartment. We laughed for a long time. Needless to say, we are all out of town a thousand miles from this place. © PshikSoSkripoM / Pikabu Ride hitchhiking in Cambodia, from the North to the capital. Went out to vote. Slows down the jeep, agreeing to throw, talking. Ask, how do I (a person of Asian, Fig guess that from Russia) who speak about Russia. The man spoke in Russian, so nice and clean, I already ofigel. It turned out that the students on exchange studying in Moscow. Must have been 5-6 years, but was gouging and eventually lived in Russia for 9 years. Went exactly to the collapse of the Union. For 28 years, said the first time he spoke again in Russian. Chance, too, because one in a million. © borkhonchik / Pikabu I was a child once, in answer to a remark of mother — to hang my clothes neatly on a chair — in spite of her ostentatiously crumpled up sweater and threw it on the chair across the room. And — horror of horrors! — he landed on the chair, beautiful deal. My mom laughed that I exactly would not hang never (it’s true). © wumpscut / Pikabu

Going from the regional center home to Moscow. Long was going to mother-in-law, as always, goodbye, tried a brain (even a small piece) to remove. Left after a couple of minutes. I was angry, because I do not like when delays occur for stupid reasons. Near Tula exactly 200 metres ahead of us was a head-on collision. With contraflow in our range flew «fifteen» with speed below 140 km/h and a head-on with a Corolla. Not anymore, when you cannot leave on time. © starruenosar / Pikabu I was little and had to go with his father to the village. But suddenly we had to reschedule the delivery of the piano that I bought my parents for the music school. I was so impressed, I wanted to try everything first. And did not go to grandma. It was fate. The fact that my dad has enough confidence behind the wheel. And no, it does feel the car and knows what he’s doing, so once again not reinsured, so to speak. And it would be necessary at times, because sometimes it is a great speed, and the fools on the road enough. And he landed in the accident. But such that he miraculously survived. And I remember a photo of the machine: it was all crumpled, just one driver’s seat survived. No doubt about it: if this car was someone still alive would be left. © KingZabor / Pikabu my husband and I flew on a honeymoon to Thailand. The hotel met a guy and girl. Turns out they got married the day after us. Well, it happens. But they are also from Novosibirsk. And the Banquet was in the same cafe the next day.
© jmaranello / Pikabu I went on vacation to another city, resort. Sitting in a cafe, woman comes in and stares at me and I at her. Then she came up and asked, nowhere, if we haven’t met before (I also had a question). I listed the cities I have visited], but none matched. It turned out that it was my paternal grandmother, whom I never communicated. Learned [me] by the picture from a friend. 7 500 km © Sveto4ka1054 / Pikabu At my previous job I had to carry a lot of keys. At the end of each shift I had to hang a bunch on the hook, and every time upon entering the office, I threw them on the shelf, trying to make it so that they hit the ring straight on the hook. Daily I missed, and the keys fell on the floor. I lifted them, hung on a hook and sat down to do the report. Once I finished my shift later than usual and went into the office, saw the boss with the check. I, as usual, threw a bunch of keys, but this time they were right on the hook. Everyone froze in amazement, but my immediate supervisor said, «I bet that you will not be able to do so again.» I removed the keys from the hook, went to the door and threw them on the hook again. And again got to ten. Over 2 years of work only 2 times. © mighty_adventurer / Reddit

«I found his DoppelgangeR at the local art exhibition called «When I grow up». It’s funny, because my first dream was to become an astronaut».

Three children waited at different times. But after the birth of the two eldest I knew, when will be born the 3rd child. And I was not mistaken: date of birth all have one. © GuLena27 / Pikabu My full namesake, even with the same birth date as me, died. Then I worked in a law office, which has issued his will. My colleagues were shocked and asked for confirmation of the many clarifying details to ensure that I did not die. © uramit / Reddit You won’t believe, but the key to my (former) removable flat went to the door of the apartment of my current young man. The keys were similar, however, there were differences in the threads. Despite this, the key had opened someone else’s door smoother than the issued date. It turned out that quite by accident, when both began to carry in one bundle. Now, when I say: «How quickly you began to live together!» I reply «no wonder: I just changed the door, which was opened by the same key!» or «Our meeting was destined by fate!» It’s amazing how we found each other by 60 km. © nkate123456789 / Pikabu mom at work a colleague told me that she completely controls everything that happens in her life that she is your fate, the mistress, etc. Mom asked me to give some example, and she replied that the evening was going to paint the walls in the bathroom and nothing can stop her to do it. The mother retorted that it may in fact happen any force majeure and upset plans, well, for example, the battery will burst… a Colleague just laughed. The next day she came like thunder, muttered to my mother: «Tanya, you’re a witch!» and began to avoid her. As it turned out, the plans to paint the walls was not destined to be: in the bathroom broke through the battery, had the entire evening to draw hot water from the floor. © Flake.DKK / Pikabu


I taught English in Korea. One day we went to the bar where once a month held a speech for stenderu, there is always gathered a lot of foreigners. There I struck up a conversation with the first guy European appearance:

— Where are you from?

— From Ottawa.

Wow, I too lived in Ottawa! Where in Ottawa do you live?

— Sandy Hill.

Are you serious?! Haha, 4 years ago I stole a car, and found it in sandy hill.

He turned pale:

— It wouldn’t happen to Honda Civic 1988-1991 year?


— I think I stole it. Hmm, let me buy you something… © homerjaythompson / Reddit

And you had some stories that the statistics are considered to be impossible?

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