As a woman for 14 years is struggling with the rejection in society because of the fact that gave birth to a daughter in 66 years


In 2005, the wide public resonance was received by history Adriana Iliescu, who gave birth to her 1st child at 66 years of age and got into the Guinness Book of records as the oldest mother in the world. Over the past 14 years, the woman has repeatedly faced rejection by the public, which she overcame through the love of his daughter. was deeply moved by the story of this strong and strong-willed woman who dared to realize her dream of motherhood no matter what, and wants to share it with you.

Why has not given birth before

When adriana was 20 years old, she married, but her husband strongly opposed to children. In the end, the girl filed for divorce. And after went to work as a lecturer at the University of Romania.

For 9 years, adriana was treated for infertility and had been trying to conceive, but to no avail. Then the woman decided on in vitro fertilization. At the time she was 66 years old and she was well aware that very risk. But most of all, adriana finally wanted to know what the joy of motherhood. Many friends condemned the woman’s decision to become a mother. Others do turned away, considering her act immoral.

What challenges Adrian faced after giving birth

When the woman finally became pregnant with triplets, two of them died in the womb of the mother, and the daughter Eliza was born prematurely, which spent some time in intensive care. Soon the girl felt better, and adriana, being a deeply religious man, decided to baptize the baby.

Various religious organizations announced the judgment of women about child birth at such a late age is appalling and selfish. During the rite of baptism nun looks at her and watched, and Adrian even managed to hear one of them called her Eliza a product of evil forces. The woman believes that her daughter sent by God.

As a single mother lived with the baby

Hadrian immediately took care of the future daughter, signing an agreement with the doctor who performed the IVF procedure. It said that in the event of the death of his mother, the doctor, being the godfather of the girl, will be the official guardian of Eliza to her majority.

On the Adrian streets are often mistaken for grandmother Eliza. And the woman repeatedly argued that the birth of a daughter is something more than the desire to amuse the vanity. Because Adrian was already retired, all the free time she could devote to the upbringing of the child.

As a woman with a daughter now living

Adriana, specialty — teacher of Romanian language and literature and is the author of over 25 books for children. But her daughter is fond of the exact Sciences. The girl leads the life of an ordinary teenager and have received numerous diplomas and certificates for winning competitions. In the future Elise hopes to get a budget place at the University.

Adrian and Eliza are bound by special bonds of warmth and love. Mother invests in an only child all his strength, experience and knowledge. The woman still lead a healthy and active lifestyle and is committed to participate in the social life of Eliza. Adrian is now 80 years old, she feels fine and hopes to see the age of his daughter.

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