Funny cars of the last century, which today cause a smile


Since the creation of the first car to present day it was released a huge number of different models, and today, manufacturers don’t reduce the pace. Every year the buyers are offered a variety of new items – more powerful, more sophisticated, more stylish. In the history of the auto industry was a different model – some beautiful, some not, and some cars of the last century even raise a smile with his comical views.

1. Messerschmitt KR200 (1955-1964)

Despite its small size and power is just 9.9 HP Messerschmitt KR200 developed a speed of 90 km/h. /Photo: Messerschmitt strongly associated with the aircraft company was created fighters and bombers for the German army. After Germany’s defeat in world war II and the ban on aircraft production, the company has switched to production of motor vehicles. KR200 was built on the basis of the sidecar Fend Flitzer, and landing in the cabin was through a hinged door, as in airplane fuselage. The model had three wheels, two seats located one behind the other, and steering wheel similar to a Bicycle.Interesting fact from to say about your model and confirm its reliability, the company put the Messerschmitt KR200 on the racetrack in 1955. For racing the engine was modified, and the body is designed with aerodynamics. However, other filling (steering, brakes and suspension) were the same as in the production models. Check-in was very successful – the car broke 22 world speed record in its class.

2. BMW Isetta (1955-1962)

BMW Isetta has played a huge role in the development of the company, becoming a lifeline from bankruptcy. /Photo: the history of the legendary car manufacturer and this was an unusual model, like a BMW Isetta with a funny shape, like a bubble. When after the Second world war, the firm went into decline, the production of Isetta helped to improve the financial position. The car was produced in Italy, and BMW bought the rights to manufacture it. The car was designed for two people and had only one door located on the side of the hood, and the wheel was nominated together with the door.

3. Peel P50 (1963-1964, 2010-present)

Although the Peel P50 looks like a toy, he goes, albeit with a maximum speed of 61 km/hour. /Photo: assets.newatlas.Somatom baby is considered the smallest car in the world. It is designed only for one person and a maximum of one bag of clothes, never let his diminutive size. The transmission has no reverse gear, so that when you arrive at a narrow impasse remains only to go and deploy it manually. And it will not cause any difficulties, since the machine only weighs 59 lbs. it’s hard To believe, but the car really hits its microscopic size. Just 60-ies were produced 47 copies, but nowadays survived only 26 of the original models. In 2010, the British company has resumed production Peel P50.Cognitive fact from In 2016 at Sotheby’s auction one of the lots was a car Peel P50 1964 model year. He was sold for the sum of 176 thousand dollars, which exceeded the stated initial value of 30 times.

4. Myers Motors NmG (1999-2003, 2005-present)

Myers Motors NmG speeds up to 115 km/h. /Photo: elfnet.itot fun car designed for single trips to work or shopping. Outwardly, it resembles a Shoe or a small bird. The initial model was called the Corbin Sparrow, and in all there were approximately 300 cars. After the bankruptcy of Corbin Motors company in 2004 the right to manufacture was acquired by Myers Motors, and the model is called NmG (No more Gas). The name can be translated as «No more gas» like gasoline, as the model goes to the motor. Inside the machine is quite comfortable – the seat is adjustable in the instrument panel are the power connectors for mobile devices, and even has a small trunk to accommodate purchase. The large spread of model has not received, probably because of their high cost, more than 30 thousand dollars.

5. Bond Bug (1970-1974)

Bond Bug accelerates 126 km/h. /Photo: midlifecarisis.commujnity British minicar was designed with an eye on the youth audience, which affected his appearance. The silhouette machine was similar to a sports car as its very low profile and a strong inclination of the windshield. Despite its small size, each car is packaged with a spare wheel. The color also reflected the focus on youth – all Bond Bug shone a bright orange hue, with the exception of one small lot in 6 copies. These machines were painted white at the request of Rothmans, which used them to advertise their tobacco products. In all there were 2270 such machines.

6. Ralph (1986-present)

Ralph: two in one – a mobile vehicle and the simulator. /Photo: theflashlist.comTwike was developed by a group of Swiss students for the world exposition of 1986 in Vancouver, Canada. This is an interesting hybrid of the Bicycle and electric vehicle is its electric motor combined with a pedal. The car is offered with batteries of different sizes and can carry two people and small cargo. So, Twike 5 with the smallest battery will travel on a single charge 150-250 km and can reach speeds up to 120 km/h. The range of electromuscular with the largest battery pack – 300-500 km, and the maximum speed – 190 km/h. And if we pedal through the travel time, the mileage without recharging is increased and bonus is trim fit. To fitness can join the passenger, it also provided pedals.

7. Diahatsu Midget (1957-1972, 1996-2002)

Diahatsu Midget – industrious kid, briskly moving through the traffic jams. /Photo: gtplanet.netМини-size is distinguished not only personal vehicles but trucks. The Japanese company Diahatsu in 1957 he released a three-wheeled single truck. The original version was without a door, but in the process of modernization was a more powerful engine, added doors and increased load capacity from 300 to 350 kg. the Second generation Midget II has already received 4 wheels.The pickup truck used for courier delivery, the owners of bars for transportation casks, and also for movement around the plant. So, the party Diahatsu Midget was purchased for the factories of Boeing and Lockheed.

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