16 outstanding fixtures, which will delight owners of cats and dogs


There are many people for whom Pets are a major joy in life. For their Pets they take only the best feed, get special houses, «the food». What useful thing will definitely come in handy to owners furry (and not only) tailed — see later in the review.

1. Portable drinking bottle

Portable drinker for dogs. | Photo: Groupon.
Easily feed four-legged friend on a walk or on a trip will help portable troughs. She’s the type of funnel is put on the bottle, allowing the dog to drink as at home.

2. A container for packages

Pendant container. | Photo: Imgrum.
Charming container in the form of pits, which includes a few disposable packets to clean up after your pet fits comfortably on the pet’s harness using the carabiner.

3. Foldable bowl

Foldable bowl for pet. | Photo: Pandao, artodogs.ru.
Bright collapsible bowls of thick silicone, which can be taken on a journey or a walk. By the way, the bowl has a convenient loop that allows you to hang it on the carabiner to the belt or to a backpack.

4. Toothbrush

The toothbrush cap. | Photo: Qoo10.
Portable toothbrush, which cap can be worn on the index finger and effortlessly to clean his teeth his favorite.

5. Carrying

Kangaroo animal. | Photo: Tendencee.
For anybody not a secret that some owners treat their dogs like children. According to Novate.ru this baby carrier is designed specifically for such individuals. Not the fact, of course, that pet will be delighted by such a carry, but passers-by will be touched.

6. Toy-bait

Toy feeder. | Photo: Game on Dogs, The Pet Express.
At times, to scratch or to buy a dog, the owner has to put a lot of effort. To help solve the problem of this bright toy-feeder on the suction cups. Just apply a paste and your dog will stand still, trying to lick every drop that due to the unusual design of the toy very difficult to do, and you will hold the necessary procedures.

7. Automatic fountain

Automatic drinker. | Photo: OfertaViva.
Charming automatic drinker can’t make the pet suffer from thirst if you’re not home.

8. Hand shower

Handheld shower for dogs. | Photo: Pinterest. Advertising
Convenient fixture that fits on the palm, as both a shower and a brush. We Novate.ru I sincerely believe that this device will make water treatment more comfortable and fast.

9. Electronic comb

Electronic comb for fleas. | Photo: asifiqbal.me.
Electronic comb, which you will be able to easily comb out fleas from the coat of your pet after outdoor recreation or contact with other animals.

10. Seat

Window seat. | Photo: Shopee.
Many cats like to sit on the windowsill, looking out the window. Want to make the stay of your pet a little more comfortable, will buy for him such a charming seat pads.

11. Bench

The bed in the shape of a banana. | Photo: Amazon.com.
A wonderful bench in the form of banana will be a cosy place to sleep a little dog or cat.

12. Laser toy

Laser toy for the cat. | Photo: KittyClysm, Prom.ua.
Cats like something to chase and hunt, but not every GoToWebinar is the time for such a fascinating game. In those days, your pet can entertain laser toy that will make tailed notably to run the red sunshine.

13. Umbrella

A leash with an umbrella. | Photo: MercadoLibre.
Occasion with a little parasol, which will allow the little dog to remain dry after a walk in the rain.

14. Car hammock

Car hammock for the back seat. | Photo: kroxa.info.
A large hammock of thick waterproof material helps protect the back seat of the car from fur, scratches and moisture.

15. Vacuum cleaner for wool

Vacuum cleaner for cat hair. | Photo: Lazada.
One of the few disadvantages of living with a cat is a large quantity of wool, which is strewed with pet and settles on the furniture. Quickly deal with the problem will help a special cleaner that safely and easily collect the hair from your cat.

16. Backpack

Backpack window. | Photo: Tendencee.
Crisp, bright backpack with a porthole — a real must-have for those who have a cat. Unlike the standard carrying it does not occupy the hands and makes it easy to travel with your pet by bike or on foot.

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