10+ illegal acts that we commit day in and day


Most people consider themselves honest citizens by default. On the offenses we know from school civic lessons that we in accessible language explaining that you can do and what absolutely not. But in modern life it is not so simple: some harmless actions can result in severe problems and fines. But doing them from day to day, many do not even think about it.

We chert-poberi.ru got to know what is familiar to us actions are actually a violation of the laws of the Russian Federation.

1. Beat carpets in the yard

Carpet at the yard bar — a common habit of the inhabitants of Khrushchev, the remaining from Soviet times. However, such an innocent event face a fine of 500 RUB cleaning of carpets from dust in the fresh air can harm the environment, so it should be carried out only in a special institution at the dry cleaners.

2. Warm up the engine cars in the yard longer than 5 minutes

With approach of colds the question of engine warming up car is extremely important. However, according to the rules of the SDA, finding the car with motor running in the yard longer than 5 minutes is fraught with the penalty. The driver of the car with frosted Windows and wipers are frozen will have to pay a fine ranging from 1 500 to 3 000.

3. Wash the car in the yard

10+ противозаконных действий, которые мы спокойно совершаем изо дня в день

The wash machine is possible only in specially designated places, under a category that does not correspond to the yard. The ban is associated with… fight for the environment. The reason is that harmful substances from which we cleaned the car during washing, can cause serious pollution. Such a love of purity could face a fine from 3 000 to 5 000 RUB.

4. Walking the dog, drinking a beer before doing this

Those who prefer after work to relax on the sofa with a soft drink, before heading out for a walk with the dog, you should reconsider your lifestyle. According to the law, for the safety of others the master intoxicated are not permitted to be outside with the dog. Otherwise, you will have to pay a fine up to 5 000 RUB.

5. To sell stuff without tax returns

With the advent of online services of sale and purchase has become easy get rid of unnecessary things. But in order to realize safe in all senses of the deal, not enough to select the same service on Craigslist. If you are going to sell something on the Internet, you need to report your income in tax: undeclared sale contrary to law. First of all it concerns things that the seller owned less than 3 years, such as cars.

6. Turn on the alarm system

Motorists there are your non-verbal language in which «blink» hazard is a conditional way to say thank you. With this signal you can thank the driver, who skipped forward when passing or changing lanes. Although an outright ban on the use of emergency alarm systems in our law is that such actions violate the rules of use of light devices and are subject to a fine of 500 rubles. There is a ban on «blink» distant light because this signal is used to indicate that there is a police post.

7. To leave children under 7 years alone

If you leave young children alone at home, in the car or on the Playground, you can judge at once under two articles. From the point of view of administrative offences a failure to parents of their responsibilities, and in this case you will have to pay a fine of 500 rubles. But in some cases this situation can be considered as abandonment in danger, and in accordance with the Criminal code as the parent or legal representative of the children impose a fine in the amount of 80 000 rubles.

8. Throw in trash cans bulky items and construction debris

Few people know that the account for utility services does not include any tenants for removal of large debris. Such include old electronics, furniture and construction waste: unnecessary frames, doors, etc. In a broader sense is any garbage in excess of the volume of 0.75 cubic meters. For the disposal of such waste in the tank, you can get fined up to 2 000 RUB.

9. To connect to a public Wi-Fi hotspots

To connect to a public wireless network in a cafe or at work — familiar to many business. However, to make free use of this service requires permission of the provider. Forbidden even to use a neighbor’s Wi-Fi is not password protected. All these points relate to legally protected computer information. And that means you’ll have to pay a fine (in the amount of up to RUB 200,000).

10. To write and draw on the pavement

Today is a rare yard is complete without a variety of declarations of love, carefully bred on the pavement with chalk or paint. But this romance is actually illegal. The reason is that such actions violate rules of improvement and maintenance of territory. Fans placing signs on sidewalks, bike paths and roadway faces an administrative fine ranging from 500 to 1 000 rubles.

11. Ride on worn tires

Not all owners maintain the proper form of their «swallows» on a regular basis. And it’s not about tuning, but about the most basic and necessary procedures, such as the replacement of tires. If not time to upgrade the tires can cause accidents. The fact that tire wear affects the height of the tread, which, in turn, set their own rules. Low height may be the cause of the accident: in this case, may simply not be enough literally meters braking distance. Violators may face a fine of 500 rubles.

12. To run on the escalator

Those who ride the subway at rush hour, are often faced with a large crowd of people and become unwitting participants in the stampede. And if time does not speed up the step, being late to work or school is inevitable. However, turning the escalator into the obstacle course, you are breaking the law. To say nothing of the fans to jump over stages. Such misconduct is punishable by a fine in the amount of 1 000 RUB.

13. Launch fireworks

When the soul wants a holiday and it pushes up the sky with fireworks, you are very clear where it is possible to use pyrotechnics. To launch fireworks is prohibited not only in the territories of explosive objects, but also on the venues and stadiums. The venue of folk festivals for such activities is also prohibited. Even if pyrotechnics will not bring harm to anyone, the penalty remains a penalty: you will have to pay 1 000 to 1 500 rubles. And if through your fault there was a fire, the amount increases up to 4 000-5 000.

14. To make prank phone calls

In the era of rotary phones, a lot of kids calling for fun in various instances or just for unknown numbers. Decades later, this «national pastime» has developed into a movement of the media, and on radio live can be heard, as the leading play on the phone of people, including them to pre-recorded phrase. These anonymous calls can be regarded as a misdemeanour punishable by a fine in the amount from 500 to 1 000 rubles.

15. Dancing in the street

If you can’t wait to show choreographic sketches in the fresh air, or do you have such a good mood that I want to dance till you drop, beware. While the early dances in the street was considered with disorderly conduct outside of zavisimosti from the «locations» today, as they dance in red square or in close proximity to important sights, you can get a fine of 30 000 rubles for insulting the state symbols and places of memory.

16. To walk dogs to children up to 14 years

Often children tearfully ask my parents dog, promising to follow her and take all responsibility for her upbringing. However, citizens under the age of 14 should not appear alone with the dogs on the street, in transport and in public places. This violation of the rules of walking animals for which a penalty in the amount from 1 000 to 2 000 rubles.

17. Sunbathe on the lawns

Fans relax on the grass in the city need to be very careful. The phrase «on lawns not to walk» has long been stuffed on edge, but also to sunbathe on them is also prohibited. This spoils the appearance of a grass of city parks. For a long presence on the lawn in the supine position there is a penalty in amount from 3 000 to 5 000 RUB.

18. Taking pictures on the plane

Instagram is full of colorful photos of clouds taken from the window of the Windows. However, the shooting on Board is almost equivalent to brawl, as it is a violation of the rules of conduct in the salon. For this photo in the plane you can select the phone as well as impose a fine. At the moment it is 100 RUB, but soon it is planned to increase to 1 000.

19. To go with coffee in the subway

A variety of eatery offering take-away coffee, multiply the stations and the metro like mushrooms after rain. But if you prefer to cheer up with a Cup of hot drink on the way to work, be careful. Matter how close the film cover, during heavy braking of trains you can instinctively squeeze the Cup, then coffee will spill. Such action is a violation of the rules of metro and are subject to a penalty in the amount of 100 RUB. In the future, the amount plan to increase.

And what innocent at first glance, but illegal actions do you know?

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