Secrets to the KGB: 3 mysterious stories of the intelligence services of the Soviet Union (4 photos)


About hard security officers, who for the sake of the title were ready to take the lives of hundreds of people, there are plenty of legends. Now more and more documents from their archives put on public display. Here are a few stories.

Handheld nuclear weapons

At the end of the last century, Alexander Lebedev, General, said that intelligence agencies had small nuclear weapons, which has a capacity of 1 kiloton. After this announcement, Alexander has recanted a few days later, saying that he misspoke. Scientists told me that back in the 70’s, the government ordered physicists such weapons. This is similar to the instrument of murder had and the United States.

Operation «Flute»

Special services of the USSR has been accused of developing biological weapons. It was first tested at Stalingrad, the Germans infected rodents. One of the Russian microbiologists — immigrants Kanatjan Alibekov said that thus fueled, provoked war with the United States.

The «blue folder»

In the Soviet Union UFO said skeptically. Everyone was convinced that aliens do not exist, but, despite this, all the evidence of meeting them as much detail as possible was recorded by the KGB. Once on TV in 1967 was made by scientist Felix zigel, who was involved in the study of UFOs, after which his project was stopped, and the team disbanded. All materials collected by the team of Professor was attached to the archives of the KGB as the «Blue folder», which was supervised by Yuri Andropov.


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