Poison in the water: a new way of «black realtors» (2 photos)


Under different names of firms work tricky bandits, whose rent is about 70 apartments. The «black» scheme for real estate, everyone has long known: courteous guys find seniors, they trust, they give him gifts, promise to help in dire financial situation, generating monthly payments in excess of pension several times, offer regular maintenance and cleaning of the apartment.

Instead of asking, «just nothing»: to conclude the contract of life rent. Lonely, poor old people being to sweet talk a caring people. They agree without knowing what you are signing your own death warrant. To speed up the process of getting the coveted flats, the «black realtors» go to extreme measures, as it was with the Hope of Viktorovna (name changed) and other pensioners.

At the end of summer to an elderly woman showed up nice guys. They rubbed it in trust. The pensioner said that he lives alone with his sister used to bust and in need of money and care. Careful guys listened and offered to conclude an agreement on quite good terms.

At first they were gifted the old woman with a gifts, things, home appliances and regularly interested in her health. The pensioner was very much touched with it: for a long time about it so no one really cared and wasn’t worried.

Some time later, Nadezhda began to feel weak and unwell. She thought that the reason the weather and did not go to the doctors.

While once waiting for the arrival of his assistants, the pensioner opened the door. On the threshold stood the police who said that someone wants to kill her. One suspect was arrested, the second had to wait in the apartment. After spending an hour, a policeman called his colleagues and said that the second guy is also detained.

The criminals were in possession of a bottle of cognac and a bottle of clear liquid. Later examination showed that the inside was antipsychotic, derived butirofenona – «Haloperidol». He and psychotropic substance phenobarbital was detected in the body unsuspecting pensioner. The poison has been injected not only in cognac, but in ordinary water.

«It turns out that every time they come to me, I could look away, and they, it turns out, was a horse dose of this drug. So it wasn’t in the syringe, but just the tube of it, they just squeezed and I was salutarily» — said Nadezhda.

The captured criminals were just pawns in a huge chain gang «black realtors», which is to be detected and eliminated. They can be involved in 30 murders. For all the time the company signed more than 120 contracts for life annuity. Examination of elderly people living alone have not been conducted due to their age.

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