Situations in which we behave as selfish


Relationships is complex, complicated by the fact that people are irredeemably selfish. But, to the joy of decent people, they are also vain, so many memes, collected on the Internet and placed in ascending order of popularity, can serve as a guide on dealing with the organized selfishness.

29. When my friend go to the bar, and he treats, I try to drink faster to get me more beer got.28. Constantly «forget» to do the requests that bother me favorite friends, and, in the end, asylum is boring to recall.27. No matter how long it takes: an hour, a day or a week, but in any discussion the last word is always with me.26. I can ignore phone calls for no reason, and if someone needs my help much more.25. Since I don’t like to listen to the narrative of the life conflicts of friends and acquaintances, I can blurt out «Excellent» on the news of the death of dear grandmother.24. I always take the last slice of pizza from the common table. And I don’t even care who ever bought the food.23. To convince a friend to buy a new release game to play with him for free? Easy.22. Husband is sleeping like a baby, and I have insomnia, so to drop the pan on the tiled floor — it’s a matter of principle.21. Even dying from hunger and thirst, I will not get out of bed. But if you «stand still», you can grab something delicious.20. I hate phone conversations, so pick up the phone and not to call back – business as usual.19. If friends ask me to like their video on YouTube, certainly put dislike because my conscience is incorruptible and impartial judgment.18. No one likes the expression «I told you so!» so I use «wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was someone who would predict the possible course of events and warned us from getting into this unpleasant situation.»17. With my talkative interlocutors have no chance to participate in the conversation.16. In the restaurant I always find a way to convince friends to order the expensive dish to eat a few pieces of something вкусненького15. Can’t keep your opinions to yourself, even if loved ones may be offended.14. When the girl asks to take her shopping, on the street is always either too hot or too cold, I’m busy, sick or dying; but when she is left home alone, the knight always ready to dash to a meeting on a lively horse.13. When the middle of the night from the basement sounds terribly suspicious sounds, then be sure to go and check out «who’s there» will not happen to me.12. I so do not like to lose that crazy, even if someone wins just the party of stupid.11. I love a cool house party, especially if it’s not my house.10. When someone of your friends on Facebook begins to meet, I immediately unsubscribe from the news, because I can’t stand to read all of the love game, when he is alone.9. Very often it happens that the friends are waiting for me half an hour, and a still at home on the couch, but said that «is on the way».8. When I watch TV, the surrounding should shut up and tiptoe.7. After receiving a ten-minute funny video from friends, I have a minute later I answer «ha-Ha, funny».6. I can’t stand to look at pictures of other people’s children and to listen to endless boring stories of their growth, nutrition and upbringing.5. When I call and talk to I don’t want, but to ignore the call, too, can not, the best way is to pretend that a terrible connection and can’t hear anything.4. The smaller, the better. Do not tolerate junk in the house, and so you can easily throw things wife, and she, somehow, is offended and is threatening to set on me, Valuev, if I ever will.3. I love to receive birthday greetings happy birthday in social networks and very carefully count them, but my congratulations still nobody came.2. Always buy gifts at the last moment, so the wife has a whole closet full of cards and mugs.1. When I cook for myself, I always leave a small piece in a frying pan for a loved one, not to wash the dishes.

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