Series husband Sobchak, the high life of Moscow will be shown in Europe and the United States

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The work of Konstantin Bogomolov, was interested in large American companiesPhoto: Vladimir Andreev © URA.RU

Start the video service owned by the producers of the Yellow, Black and White and «Gazprom-media» has sold the American rights to the Amazon series directed by Konstantin Bogomolov (is spouse TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak — approx. ed.) «Kept woman», dedicated to the Moscow high life.

«The buyer becomes entitled to the exclusive screening of «Kept women» in Europe, possible extension of cooperation to other areas. The deal includes the first season of eight episodes, the Director was Konstantin Bogomolov, negotiations for the second season (now in production, it was directed by Darya Zhuk),» writes «Kommersant«.

In the coming months a series Bogomolov will be shown in most European countries, in the future it is possible that «Kept women,» you’ll see and American audiences. However, here all will depend only on desire Amazon.

The budget of one episode of the series «Kept woman» was about 25 million rubles, the whole project cost about 200 million rubles. Video service Start did not disclose the amount of the transaction with Amazon. According to some, the purchase price of the series husband Ksenia Sobchak could be of the order of $ 1 million.

The series «Kept woman» received mixed reviews of Telekritika and journalists. Most TV and film critics praised the Director’s work of Bogomolov and talent starred in the series artists, however, acknowledged that the dramatic «Soderini» not up to the best examples of its genre.

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