In the United States died, fled to the West, former KGB major

Открытие экспозиции в честь 100-летнего юбилея органов безопасности России. Челябинск, герб, кгб

A former high-ranking KGB officer has died on 74-m to year of lifePhoto: Vadim Akhmetov © URA.RU

In the United States at the age of 73 years died, the former KGB major Viktor Sheymov, who fled to the West in 1980. After moving to the United States Chamov gave all the known secrets of the CIA, in connection with which the Russian intelligence services still consider him a «traitor».

«Sheymov died 18 October 2019 at home in Vienna (Virginia, USA). It is known that he had lung problems. Spouse Shamova Olga confirmed information about the death of ex-KGB major,» writes the influential American newspaper the Washington Post.

Victor Sheymov was an employee of the 3 Department of the «And» of the eighth chief Directorate of the KGB of the USSR on the maintenance of technical systems of information protection in Soviet embassies abroad and foreign residencies of the KGB. Debts after years of service in the Soviet intelligence services, he decided to escape to the West, and was with his family deported from Moscow by agents of the American Central intelligence Agency (CIA) in 1980, the Agency said Nation News.

For a long time it was believed that the family Chaimovich missing, the victim of unsolved crimes. Information about what they can be in the US, was leaked to the KGB only in 1985, and reliable confirmation of this fact Moscow was only in 1988, thanks to the information obtained from cooperating with the KGB officer, the FBI’s Robert Hanssen. Information about Chamova in the American media began to appear only after 1990.

Transferred to the Americans gave them almost five years to freely read the secret correspondence of the KGB foreign residencies. In 2000 Ramowym was filed an unprecedented lawsuit against the CIA on non-payment of promised during the recruitment of a million dollars (after moving to USA he has got only 200 thousand dollars), which he eventually won.

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