Stupid generation, not a «youth» (1 photo)


Unfortunately, lately I’m very often faced with the fact that young guys only under 18 years of age, try to show themselves, as they say, in all its glory.
Recently, a friend of mine told me how he sat behind the wheel of his car, stood at the crossroads. Next to him sat his pregnant wife.

To the right of his car overtook domestic «coach», at the wheel which sat the 18-year-old boy who just got a driver’s license.

Because of his age, my buddy doesn’t like to breed any of the Prairie with modern youth, and the provision bans, he is a law enforcement officer. Now, he stood quietly at the traffic lights with the included right-hand Blinker and waited for the signal for movement to the right. At a time when the entire flow started moving the same young boy slammed on the gas pedal and almost lost control of her car.

Due to the fact that the kid’s car was, to put it mildly, not strong, managed to avoid an accident. After a few intersections, my buddy caught up again with this same guy and drew attention to the fact that the one in the car not once, but three passengers. And right from this guy drove another car, which the driver asked the boy to lower the window. When the latter complied with the request, he cried, saying, you are the one, follow the traffic rules.

A young guy even listen to the Council did not and almost, not sending a letter of our alphabet, has started movement on forbidding signal of the traffic light. The result – an accident. The same young man in a hurry to flashing green and into the start of the red 18-year-old «fool». According to my buddy, both cars driving fun, but because of the «cheap Ponte», then the intersection of all young boys and girls were taken away by ambulance. Fatal injuries, no one was, thank God, but almost all fractures.

Now I just wonder how it turns?! Our generation raised our parents, and we have a lot of «crazies», but they try to get out of this category. But the current generation, on the contrary, rapidly trying to prove that «scumbag» to be better than the «intelligentsia».

Does our generation have made some fatal mistake in the education of the future? Or maybe it’s the influence of modernity?

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