7 simple but ingenious devices for the home


Comfortable fit for daily use.
In today’s world so many different devices designed to make life easier for the user. Among them there are those amongst which it is hard to imagine life before. The 7 most useful in our review.

The scoop with teeth for cleaning mops

Convenient scoop with teeth that will remove all the excess dust from the bristles.

Distributor of spices

A convenient dispenser for spices.

Cover to store open bottles of beer

Cover, which can protect an open beer from weathering.

Circle «No spray»

Mug, you can pour everything without fear. Advertising


MOP on the radio.

Dispenser that dispenses soap right into the palm

A convenient soap dispenser.

Tracking device for petty things of everyday use

The device, which is impossible to lose your keys, remote or phone.
Also, fans of home improvement we recommend you to pay attention to fixtures that are useful in everyday life, and in extreme situations

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