The cars, which You have not heard: Gloeckler-Porsche 356 Coupe 1954 (10 photos)


German Walter Gleckler was a big fan of Motorsport and in the 1950s, he actively participated in the race, including the cars of his own design. Because Walter was a car dealer Porsche and Volkswagen in Frankfurt, it was available aggregates and parts of both brands, which he gladly combined…

Between 1948 and 1953, Gleckler collected 6 sports cars, first using the units now defunct company Hanomag, and the rest — Porsche and Volkswagen. The apotheosis of engineering research the dealer’s in 1953 was the Roadster of the Porsche 1500 Super. In Stuttgart quickly found out about light and quite competitive sport cars from Frankfurt and caught Gleckler to the development of the famous Porsche 550 Spyder, the «Little bastard» that claimed the life of American actor James Dean.

However, the story did not end there. Appeared seventh model created specially under Italian marathon Mille Miglia 1954 (pictured). It was a very unusual car, with an almost vertical face, a strange wheel arches and atypical for Porsche back. Door coupe went on the roof, apparently to simplify the input/output driver in a helmet. The panoramic rear window of the two and a half intended for best review back to the rivals did not escape the attention. Most racing cars of that time were open and such design decisions of Gleckler tried to offset the disadvantages of the hard top.

Engine, traditionally, Porsche is back – it was the latest development of the Porsche, subsequently took the place under the hood of a 356 Carrera. Awkward car Walter Gleckler can be considered the first «Carrera» Porsche! Unfortunately, by the appointed time, the car was not finished and instead of the Mille Miglia start was only in the race liège-Rome-liège, where Gleckler Halm (cousin Walter), and a Max Nathan despite the technical problems unable to finish.

The car can boast a great racing history, but it’s still interesting for fans and experts. Currently coupe is fully restored and is in a private collection. To participate in the historic Mille Miglia rally, held in our days, allowed the vehicles that participated in the race in the middle of the last century, but sometimes exceptions are made and interesting cars, in fact, not directly related to the history of the race, allowed to start. It seems Gloeckler-Porsche like no other is worthy of admission to the Mille Miglia, though 65 years later!

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