Constantly stay in good shape is not easy, but countless hours in the gym, too, to anything. Scientists have found that most people need only 7 exercises. They help to hold the shape regardless of age. Pullups Pull UPS are a great exercise to develop the biceps and shoulder girdle, back muscles and chest. At least a few times to catch up everyone can. Grasp the bar, hands shoulder-width and bending the arms, pull yourself to the bar so that you could put on her chin. The speed of the pull-UPS should be low, since muscle groups are best to work slowly. Pushups The classicRead More →

Some people, being in a new situation in quarantine, in isolation, acted outside the box. Astrologers seeing an increase in demand for their services: who is now sitting without work. People who believe in horoscopes, ordering an individual the calculations of the astrologers. Strange that they are not afraid to spend savings on services without warranty of any kind. Issues in April, all about the same: when our country will be successfully resolved the situation with coronavirus and pandemic will decline. Famous astrologer Tamara Globa advises many of our celebrities, politicians, businessmen. It according to its calculations prepared forecasts about the duration of quarantine –Read More →

Those who were born, grew up, lived and worked in the Soviet Union, I remember an unusual milk packages made of cardboard, which has a triangular shape. The artwork was also memorable – the colors resembled the flag of modern Russia, but a mosaic. By itself, the packaging was slightly different, but had a lot of useful features – convenience in storage, transportation and disposal, environmental friendliness, ergonomics. Often the corners of these triangles was leaking due to poor adhesions There was a flaw – not a very good bonding of the seams. Often these amazing triangles on the corners started to leak. By theRead More →

Григорий Ефимович Распутин родился девятого января 1869 года в селе Покровском под Тюменью. Его предки относились к крестьянам, которые переселились в Сибирь ещё в 1640-х годах, и были старожилами — сибирской «аристократией». Вроде первых эмигрантов в США, прибывших туда на корабле «Мейфлауэр». Но в отличие от многих зажиточных семей, успевших встать на ноги на новом месте, Распутины жили бедно. Современники вспоминали, что в молодые годы Григорий был совершенно никчёмным человеком. От тяжёлой крестьянской жизни он много пил, бывало воровал и сам признавал, что провёл свои юные годы «во грехе». Но в какой-то момент Распутин внезапно бросил семью, дом и хозяйство. Перестал пить и есть мясо. Он отправился в паломничество — сначала в ближайшие монастыри Сибири, а затем по самым отдалённым монашеским обителям. Впоследствии, будучи уже «тем самым» Распутиным, он добирался даже до священного городаRead More →

Superservice will reduce the number of officials and get rid of red tapePhoto: Dmitry Tkachuk © URA.RU article story Coronavirus COVID-19 An outbreak of coronavirus in Russia and its related constraints may push the country to the reduction of officials working in the public services. On change by it will come to online services, the relevance of which was reaffirmed during a pandemic. Now there is a development of 25 so-called superservice, which are considered the next step in the development of the portal of public services. In the Russian regions, 2019 began to be tested first superservice. The programs allow people to receive servicesRead More →

In the Sverdlovsk region has increased the amount of fines for violation of the isolationPhoto: Alexander Kulakovskiy © URA.RU news from the plot Coronavirus COVID-19 Today, April 10 — 121-th day since the discovery of the coronavirus and the 31st — with the announcement of the pandemic. In the Sverdlovsk region, according to the website stopmanager.Russia, currently 59 cases. Sverdlovsk oblast continues to hold the lead in the number of infected among the Large territories of the Urals. According to this indicator the region takes the ninth place in the country and is detached from the Ural neighbors: KHMAO (41), Russia (41), Chelyabinsk (34), TyumenRead More →