The cat saw itself in the mirror and was very surprised. The picture became viral, many were close, such a shock and existential crisis. A cat named Roscoe just wanted to lay in the sink, but suddenly noticed her reflection in two mirrors. What he saw struck pussy, and his owner Katie managed to capture a funny moment. In August 2019 photos were on Reddit and became viral. But then, nothing was known about the cat. In February 2020, the cat with two mirrors became popular on Twitter. And let me know about his his mistress. About funny kid rocky from Chicago wrote edition Buzzfeed.Read More →

Kashirskaya GRES — a historic station, built under the personal supervision of V. I. Lenin by the GOELRO plan. At the time of commissioning of the station has a capacity of 12 MW was the second power plant in Europe. Photos and text by Alexander «Russos» Popov This year marks 100 years since our country adopted the GOELRO plan (State Commission for electrification of Russia) — state plan of electrification of Soviet Russia after the October revolution of 1917. Developed by the State Commission for electrification of Russia on the instructions and under the leadership of V. I. Lenin. Approved by the VIII all-Russian electrotechnicalRead More →

There is an expression describing the General principle of the invention. «For great achievements and accomplishments need two things: purpose and time constraints». Hit the China epidemic and the uncertainty in the timing of its completion is forcing ordinary people becoming extremely creative. For example, owners of dogs have mastered the technique of walking of Pets, called «walk the kite». Everything is simple — instead of a short leash a long strong rope «»> It’s a lousy idea, namely, that of despair, but the phenomenon has caused a flurry of excitement and discussion. The Chinese are forced to sit at home, bored, and Pets thatRead More →

Never ask a question, and whether can exist wrong bees and, consequently, wrong honey? And how can they look like? The question, of course, kids. In fact, well, what is wrong bees, what a crazy idea? Here, the wording «So Simple!» cried out: «here can, I’m sure there is!» © Depositphotos From theory to practice. If there is a «bird’s milk» cake, why can’t be «Wrong honey» in the same incarnation? Cream yogurt cake is simple, Jell-o, apricot will do the wrong bees, some chocolate, sweet sponge cake that’s really delicious! But let’s all in order. © Depositphotos Cake with yogurt Ingredients for biscuit 2Read More →

According to the President of Ukraine, in his country many people want to do nakrobiznesPhoto: Alexander Kulakovskiy © URA.RU To pay Ukraine a mortgage, people need to sell drugs or weapons. This was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Alexey Goncharuk. «The drug is necessary, perhaps, or arms trade in order to pay a mortgage», — quotes its words «Federal news Agency«. The head of Ukrainian government noted that the mortgage in his country «is bondage» and pay it. Goncharuk said that mortgage rates in Ukraine are very high. He also stressed that the government is trying to remedy this situation, the Agency reports NationRead More →

A new drug against pneumonia Chinese need to finalize thePhoto: Ilya Moskovets © URA.RU news from the plot Chinese coronavirus China has created a vaccine against coronavirus. This was stated by Chinese Ambassador to Russia Zhang Hongwei. «China has developed a vaccine that shows immunity», — quotes «Interfax» of a diplomat. According to him, the drug still requires audits and improvements. He added that the effectiveness of Chinese medicines in excess of 85%. Zhang Hongwei noted that against the Chinese pneumonia also helps of chloroquine phosphate, which is used in the treatment of malaria. Previously, the drug «Arbidol» the Ministry of health of China includedRead More →

The global crisis because of the coronavirus could begin this yearPhoto: Dmitry Tkachuk © URA.RU The probability of occurrence of the global economic crisis next year is very high. About it URA.RU told the leading expert of Institute of contemporary development, economist Nikita Maslennikov. «The probability of a crisis in 2021 is close to 50%. This will happen in any case, the only question is when the crisis starts. One of the world’s economic cycle was not abolished, and all the time he needs to happen,» — said the expert. According to Maslennikov, at the time of the onset of the financial crisis can influenceRead More →

With years of experience at any driver formed their habits. Some people like to hold grip, others dramatically work the pedals. Not all habits are harmless to the car – some literally lead him into disrepair. Experts gathered some of the most common driving mistakes which quickly turn any car into the trash. Reverse gear One of the worst and most common mistakes many drivers is a sharp reverse gear before the car completely stops. Experts claim that it is very quickly drained the transmission and is literally killing the transmission. This applies to mechanics, and machine. Wait for an empty tank It is notRead More →

The Soviet system and the shortages of all consumer goods is not a barrier for women. They managed to be beautiful and fashionable – self-sewn outfits, got imported clothes, shoes and of course perfume. Perfumes of foreign production fall on the stores are not as often as I would like and in limited quantities. Besides, they were not cheap. But they are always lined up huge queue. This perfume is very different from that offered by domestic industry. Popular perfume «Red Moscow» «Lily of the valley silver», «Natalie» lost her «colleagues» from abroad. New year collection. / Photo: fragrantica.hissetmeye holders of fine fragrances used themRead More →

What Chapter in the contract should pay attention to when choosing a cruise for the summer. For example, leading companies Forbes Life figured out as fashion cruise trip threatens igniting on sustainable development got to cruise operators. For example, MSC Cruises has become the first carbon neutral company. 2020 Italian giant promises to compensate for CO2 emissions at all of its 17 vessels. In total we are talking about 2.2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere annually.The last ten years, the cruise industry is experiencing unexplained boom. For example, according to the International Association of cruise lines (CLIA), since 2009, the cruise shipRead More →